Alopexy Minoxidil 5% 3x60ml=180ml Pierre Fabre Hair Loss Gro

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Date12/7/2021 3:49:55 PM
Alopexy Minoxidil 5% Pierre Fabre
3 x Months Treatment ( 3 x 60ml )
ALOPEXY® 5% was developed specifically for hair loss.
Minoxidil is one of the active ingredients used as a topical medication.
There is ample medical and scientific evidence on the effectiveness of minoxidil on hair loss.
In fact, minoxidil stops the fall of the hair and stimulates the regrowth of the hair throughout the duration of the treatment.
The results are visible after 4 months of treatment.
This medicine is used in certain moderate cases of so-called androgenetic alopecia (excessive hair loss) in men.
This medicine is not recommended for use in women, as abnormal hair growth (hypertrichosis) is often expected.

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