Dental Teeth Cleaning in Kings Langley

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Kings Family Dental Centre offers teeth cleaning by the practised dentist at affordable rates. The three types of dental teeth cleaning are:
1. Prophylaxis cleaning is known as routine teeth cleaning, administered to healthy patients who only require it as part of their oral health routine maintenance.
2. Gross debridement is a dental cleaning procedure to detect teeth problems that were not detected initially before the dental cleaning.
3. Scaling and root planning is known as a deep cleaning procedure, administered to patients who are already suffering from severe gum disease or patients who are at high risk of developing gum disease.
Kings Family Dental Centre offers dental treatment and care that includes teeth cleaning, silver fillings, root canal treatment, white fillings, prevention dentistry and more, including emergency dental services.
Call us at Kings Family Dental Centre on 02 9674 3491 to schedule an appointment for dental teeth cleaning or any other dental treatment, including emergency dental services.
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