Symptoms of Bulging Disc | Specialty Care Clinics

What is a bulging disc? Between each vertebrae is a gel-filled disc that acts as a shock absorber and helps the spine move.
It occur when the outer shell becomes weaker, allowing the disc to bulge to one side of the spinal canal, or flatten.

Symptoms of a bulging disc:
Arm or leg pain
The herniated disc in the lumbar spine can extend to the entire leg and may extend to the feet. The bulging disc in the cervical or thoracic part of the spine will cause pain in the upper limbs.
Numbness or tingling in the extremities
People who have bulging discs may experience tingling along with nerve pain.
Muscle weakness
The muscles around the bulging disc become weak due to pain, making it very difficult to lift or bend the affected limb. Affected nerves weaken the muscles.

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