Forbidden Kill Strikes

Why tense when you are attacked yet you have every weapon at your disposal? Check out the Forbidden Kill Strikes for more secrets.

This is a progressive self-defence program designed to take anyone of any age or gender from no experience to highly-effective when required to execute self-defence moves. It only required spending just a couple of minutes of consistent practice per day to truly master the moves taught inside. There are also tips included to show members how to keep themselves safe from injury while practicing these moves, which is crucial if you want to prevent hurting yourself while learning this program.

One interesting thing to learn from this program is that it shares methods that are UFC-restricted, which explains how effective they are at bringing down opponents for minimal effort. By learning these moves, it is intended that those who learn it will be able to keep themselves and their families safe from assaults, wrongdoings, thefts and many other dangerous life situations.
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