Blowingleaf LLC

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Date12/13/2021 4:57:16 PM

We are a newly founded business providing medical marijuana accessories for patients in southwest Oklahoma. We are also reaching out to dispensaries and growers to see what supplies they need to maintain their day today operations. We are a Limited Liability Company reaching out to the consumer, growers, and dispensaries hoping to meet their needs. Newly formed and looking forward to serving southwest Oklahoma and Northern Texas.
Blowing Leaf has a wide selection of glass bongs, dab rigs, scales, glass, metal, and wood hand pipes. We also have jewelry, purses, and other items of women's apparel. Our wide selection, for the adventurous type includes knives, throwing stars, and stun guns. We welcome our new patrons and honor their request for new products.

Glass Bongs in Duncan, OK, Rolling Papers, Jewelry, Purses, Dab Rigs, Scales, Glass, Metal and Wood, Hand Pipes Knives, Throwing Stars, Stun Guns in Duncan, OK, Global Optimization Solutions
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