School Parent Communication Software - SchoolPad

Date12/13/2021 11:35:01 AM
SchoolPad is the first school communication software in India, specially designed keeping in mind the needs of preschool children, parents, teachers, heads and management. Communicating with parents is a priority. SchoolPad platform is designed to give a teacher what they need to help their students be more successful. A teacher should be able to communicate with parents. A teacher should be able to communicate extensively as well as one after the other, and, where is a teacher supposed to take the child in his future. To make good decisions about this the data needs to be accessed quickly. Automatic reminders for various events ensure high student participation. Various tools ensure a high level of interaction between parents, teachers and school management.

Communicating with parents and teachers online through school ERP or apps increases the interconnections between them. Send messages, alerts, and notifications for the entire school, a single class or group of students or a single student. Schools and parents both need communication tools. Currently, there are many school Management Software available which will help us to fill the gap.
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