Best Dog Washing in Ormondville

Date12/15/2021 8:32:33 AM
Looking for the Best Dog Washing in Ormondville. We are at Shear Magic Grooming have been an animal groomer since 1973 after a six-year apprenticeship with some of the leading groomers of the time. I have been known to have no limits on the grooming of animals, at the age of 21, a circus owner came to me and dared me to groom out his lion cub, needless to I did rise to the challenge and succeeded. My past clients consider me like an animal whisperer, however, I prefer to be known as an animal listener. If you wish to see the beautiful picture of me grooming a lion cub do pop into my studio which is now located at 1064 Matamau-Ormondville road, 4977.
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