5 FREE Holiday Cards: AR Photo Cards AKA Flamcards + Free Wa

Date12/17/2021 4:01:44 AM

Flam via Walgreens gives you AR Photo Cards with a 3D Video feature + Free store pickup.
1st order is Free for you and 4 more for you to share Holiday greeting cards with your friends.
1st Card free + free store pickup at Walgreens. Deal Ends on December 31.
For the next 4 cards, Use promo code: HOLIDAY5 for Flat 100% off (at $0) and send your wishes
to your loved ones + Free store pickup
The video feature appears when you scan the card via Flam App.

1. Upload a video
2. Add your preferred 3D effect on a card
3. Enter the name and phone number of the receiver and generate a link
4. Share the link with the receiver which lets them select their nearest Walgreens store for the pickup
Card features a Matt finish paper & same-day pick up.
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