Do Drugs Affect a Workers Comp Claim?

Date12/20/2021 4:13:57 PM
If you’ve been injured at work and are worried about failing a drug test, the tentatively good news is that, while it’s likely to make your claim more complicated. it doesn’t necessarily prove that your judgment was impaired at the time of injury. Even where illegal drugs, or alcohol, are found in your test, your employer or their insurance company must prove that this was the cause of your accident. If the failed drug test is a result of taking prescription meds exactly as prescribed by your physician, it can’t be used to disqualify your workers compensation claim.

A workplace injury can lead to significant financial stress, as well as the obvious physical pain and discomfort. Should you encounter any issues on your road to claiming the worker’s compensation you’re entitled to, the workers comp attorney in Van Nuys could fight your corner.
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