Four Best Ways To Get Your Resume Noticed

Date12/20/2021 12:56:39 PM
PriceRs 6,000.00
The impact of COVID19 on the job market continues in 2021 as well. The unemployment rates are at an all-time high. We at Resume Writer India, to ensure that we do our part in helping working professionals achieve success, guide them in creating a resume that works well for them in the employment market. We’ve over the years created thousands of resumes and we would like to compile some of the top aspects that make a resume successful. Being the industry for this long, we have a deep understanding on what the hiring managers and recruiters look for while screening a resume.

When drafting a resume, your objective should focus on two aspects.

Getting the message across to the reader in less than 7 seconds because that’s how much time you will get to impress the reader, be it a recruiter or a hiring manager and
Craft your resume in a way that it is optimized to suit the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).
These two are the most crucial aspects when it comes to your resume getting through t
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