Protexion LLP provides Heat Reflective Coatings

Date12/21/2021 12:45:54 PM
Protexion LLP technology easily creates a protective barrier that reflects heat after the paint, coating or plaster has dried. So warmer weather properties save energy and save money on air conditioning bills when exterior walls and roofs are coated with thermal products because less solar Heat Reflective Coatings passes through these surfaces into buildings. In contrast, cold weather properties save energy and save money on heating bills when interior walls and ceilings are painted with thermal products because heat loss is reduced when painting thermal products.
Another important feature of Protexion LLP technology is the special resin and an effective waterproofing system that seals all joints, dramatically reducing or eliminating compression problems. Many colours of heat reflective coating also adhere to council planning and building controls, meaning you have more choice of roof colour.
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