We Provide Best Strong and durable Industrial Packing Solution By Aerolam Insulation

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AeroPro Packing boards are sturdy, durable, impact-resistant, lightweight, waterproof, and chemical resistant packing Boxes used for various Light & Heavy Industrial packing purposes.
AEROLAM packing Board is made from a patented 3 ply sandwiched structure with a unique circular honeycomb bubble core (provides cushioning) and multiple layers of flat polypropylene on either side. These packing boards are designed to provide Industrial packing Solutions for hassle-free Material Handling, Storage, and Transportation of your valued products. They can be easily die-cut, folded, and glued (ultrasound or heat weld) to make different types of Packing Boxes.
Unlike PP Corrugated Flute Sheets, Aerolam’s packing boards have an extremely flat surface that resists moisture and a greasy environment. Aerolam’s AeroPro packing boards are 100% recyclable. Call +91 8200 800 100 / +91 9234 567 897 or Visit our website
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