Increase your AWS Skills With the Help Of DVS Technologies

Date4/13/2022 3:09:17 PM
PriceRs 16,000.00

Big data needs to be processed by a structured programming. Hadoop is a Java-based open source framework that facilitates this in a live computing environment. The global Hadoop market is set to increase by 50.2 USD by 2020 (source-Data meer).

Is Hadoop the future :

Humongous amount of data needs to be stored constantly and Hadoop is a storage platform that is extremely cost-effective. That is why Big Data Hadoop Administration is critical for technology stacks in large enterprises. It deploys economical servers to reduce costs of storage. The perfect examples are of technology giants like Facebook and Google where big data is managed through this process by trained administrators. It is a huge business responsibility
Hadoop Training institute in Bangalore is popular and DVS Technology is already training several students each year to become Hadoop administrators.

Job responsibilities :

Being a Hadoop admin is a critical area where skilled human resources are required. Study
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