Octofrost freezing methods

Date1/3/2022 10:33:06 PM
Across all types of freezing, there’s one that’s been making waves since the 1960s with no sign of stopping. While its uses are niche, they supply an excellent opportunity to conduct lucrative business. Presenting a unique frozen food creation choice, IQF stands for individually quick-frozen products. That means that the individual parts of a given frozen product are frozen separately, such as berries, peas, and many more. No more clumping together or block designs.
The advantage here goes beyond sheer appeal: the quick processing time and large in-feed options mean that it's possible to create premium quality products at large rates. The fast, yet efficient processing also creates ideal conditions for near-complete preservation of many of the most important characteristics in a food: namely appearance, texture, and taste.
When it comes to other freezing methods, the approach here is straightforward: move the product quickly through the freezer while blasting it with chilly air. The secret lies in the way you do it. Octofrost’s patented bedplate technology creates a suspension of the product, by obtaining a bidirectional vertical airflow for maximizing the freezing speed. The result won’t stick together, no matter how much you freeze. Contact us at info@octofrost.com if you’re interested, and we’d be happy to talk about it with you some more!

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