How Does Hydrafacial Treatment Work? | Glow Bright Med Spa

Date1/4/2022 11:49:19 AM
Cleansing and exfoliating are the initial steps of a HydraFacial. It helps to exfoliate the skin using a vortex cleansing and hydra peel tip and gently wash away the impurities. This softly opens your pores while removing dead skin cells and sebum. Others have likened it to being lightly brushed by a rotating electric toothbrush. The tip of the wand will then be changed to administer a light chemical peel by your aesthetician. Glycolic and salicylic acids are combined in a non-irritating way to give you an efficient mild peel without making your skin red for days or even hours thereafter. This step’s goal is to loosen and later extract out deep pore debris.
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