Christian Radio Station

Date1/5/2022 6:06:55 PM
SAVED Radio is a Christian Radio Station in the Philippines that is a part of the SAVED Ministries core initiatives to take the airwaves back for Jesus. You can tune in on the SAVED Radio website or at the official app on Apple Store and Google Play Store to get your daily dose of motivation, inspiration, and Good News that will nurture your minds, hearts, and life.

SAVED Radio set out to propagate songs and lyrics that bring glory to God. As one of the core initiatives of SAVED Ministries, SAVED Radio maintains its identity in the Christian community with contemporary Christian music, scripture-based content, meaningful programs, and uplifting live interviews from the people who experience the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Here at SAVED Radio, we aim to share the Gospel through music while encouraging and inspiring everyone who listens to the songs we play. We feature songs and artists with variety of genre both from international and local Christian band. So, whether you’re commuting to your destination or preparing to sleep at night this will help your daily grind.
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