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Spine and Back Pain can consolidate a wide assortment of indications. It tends to be gentle and just irritating or it very well may be serious and incapacitating.
Low back torment may begin out of nowhere, or it could begin gradually—potentially traveling every which way and bit by bit deteriorate after some time.

Specialty Care Clinics offers a far reaching committed Spine and Back Pain administration for the conclusion
also, treatment of sciatica, spinal stenosis, cauda equina and spine cracks.
To analyze whether you need spine medical procedure to address your back agony,
you need a solid second assessment from our occupant orthopedic group of spine experts.
We give a top notch world class contemporary consideration bundle for back conditions for patients

Depending upon the sort of back torment you have, your doctor/physician may suggest the accompanying Medication:

- Over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers
- Muscle relaxants
- Topical pain relievers
- Narcotics
- Antidepressants
- Injections

As a Specialty Care Clinics, We see how complex the spine is and that it is so crucial to your wellbeing.

Specialty Care Clinics are located in 6 different locations throughout Texas - Lancaster, Plano, Midland, Ennis, Fort Worth and Farmers Branch.

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