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Date1/19/2022 4:51:09 PM
Hard to handle Students Online Fee Payment ERP ? Genius Edu Management System Genius Education Management system is a mainly use several languages, Multi-Currency Educational ERP which meet total necessity of School, College, Institute and University. Giving you the best arrangement by which you can stream students all information once he paid charges. After making payment, Our School Management System Softwares offers the better chance to admin that he can see specific student Paid fee and remaining charge of any class. You can install our School Management System Application. Well! This is the phenomenal #Education ERP you might talk with our product specialists for additional details.

Short Summary for Fee Setting

Fees Head & Allocation

It will also show in which stream students are studying. Admin can also assign the fees head for different sections, like in which head the fees is paid, with different account group name, admin can add fee head name.
In fees head allocation, the admin can add the different streams / department with class name, fees head, and the amount paid for the academic fees.

Fees Type :

In this feature, they can add the type of payment, with different modes of payment like : cash, Cheque or visa cards.

Online Fees Payment & Collection :

The Fees management is the most important feature used in fees collection, when the student will pay the online fees to the school, the admin will add all the details like Admission number or mobile number, with other details like student name, stream, class and section.
After filling up the fees collection form it will show the fees paid status for the particular student, also the admin will provide the fees receipt for the same to the student.

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