GREENMAX Foam Packging Densifier Z-C300 For Sale

Date1/8/2022 4:42:13 AM
PriceUSD 75,000.00
Foam Densifier ZEUS C300 can prevent the compacted foam and other material from scattering. Foam densifier Z-C300 could also prevent the compacted material from loosening again.

INTCO Recycling Offer Foam Densifier ZEUS C300 for foam Recycling and Buy-Back foam Blocks.

Total Power Consumption 46.15 kw / 61.88 hp
Crusher Power Consumption 2*4 kw / 2*5.36 hp (Or according to your request)
Blower Power 5.5 kw / 7.37 hp (Or according to your request)
Silo Volume 10 m3 / 13 cubic yard (Or according to your request)
Production Capacity 300 kg per hour / 660 lbs per hour
STYROFOAM Compression Ratio 50:1

Company Name: INTCO Recycling
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