Dance Certification in Bangalore

Date1/10/2022 10:30:25 AM
Dance has proved to be the universal language of love, peace and harmony. Dance is a strong yet fun medium to unfold creativity, boost confidence, enhance social skills, productivity, build team spirit, trust, and more. It has proved to be the best form of expression, stress release, fitness and therapy. If you are looking for the Dance Certification in Bangalore then Lourd Vijay’s Dance Studio is the perfect place for you. At here we have professional trainers. Learn various dance forms like Salsa, Hip hop, contemporary, Jive and Bachata. We also provide private classes and online private classes.

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Address: Energy fitness, Ursu Bhavan, Jasma Bhavan Road,

Millers Tank, Vasanthnagar

Bangalore, Karnataka, 560052, India

Phone: 9845239123
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