PREMIUM Zero Calorie Sugar

Date1/11/2022 4:57:09 AM
PriceRs 250.00
Stevifresh Stevifit Sugar is the natural sugar made 100% Natural Meethi Tulsi (Stevia) leaves from purest extract of stevia called rebaudiane. Stevia is naturally sweet herb from latin america.
Stevifit sugar is made with extreme care and derived from quality raw material.
Stevifit sugar can be used for a wide variety of preparations such as hot & cold beverages, sweets, desserts, cakes etc. as well as for cooking & baking Sweet, just like Sugar, but with no Sugar-calories.
Stevifit sugar can be used to sweeten most hot and cold beverages and dishes. It is perfect natural substitute for regular sugar.
Safe for the entire family to consume, including kids.
With Stevifit , you can binge guilt-free on your favorite sweet treats, without having to worry about any extra Sugar-calories.

Multiple Benefits

Zero Calorie and Zero Glycemic Index therefore it is safe for diabetic and health conscious people.
It is made from stevia herb therefore safe for all ages and slim conscious people and aids in weight management
No side effects and it can be complete replacement of regular sugar.
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