All-Flash Data Centres; Modernizing your Data Storage

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Date1/14/2022 4:19:20 PM
According to research, by 2025 180 ZB data would need to be stored, increasing from 32ZB. This data revolution will open doors for massive numbers of Data-storage centres. These Data Centres are responsible to manage data for enterprises ie. Centralizing, computing and exchanging of data storage. Data Centre is considered “all flash” if it provides 90% or more of its storage capacity via high-density, high-reliability, low-latency, and energy-efficient solid state disks (SSDs).
Data-protection is something that has been taken lightly for past years but now as the world is on the verge of digital transformation,, it has given more reasons to modernize your Data Backup. In All-Flash Storage, SSD’s service life is based on the number of times write and delete operations are performed but with the modifications in write algorithms, SSD’s service life has increased to the level of softwares. These developments would be proven better for the enterprises for data storage.
Digital Transformation is one of the reasons behind such an immense role of All-flash Storage in this age. As the businesses are going online, they are no more bound to earn and manage data locally but rather globally making transactions worldwide. This is the reason why banks need to secure their data. Many enterprises have to face huge economic loss and consequently, it impacts them socially. Data loss and service disruption result in 8% fall in revenue each year. There would be an estimated 5 times more data per capita to be maintained in the upcoming 5 years.
Enterprises from various fields across UAE, Europe and Asia choose to go with the Huawei All-Flash Storage Series, to help them make storage the driving force for theIr company. Huawei Dorado flash is an acceleration solution for the auto companies to replace Hybrid disk with all-flash storage to expedite read and write I/O and make the ERP and Business Warehouse (BW) systems more efficient.
If you belong to any enterprise that faces problems in their storage systems and need a data backup, 4sight is the solution, providing all-flash storage in Dubai for various leading companies. So, what are you waiting for?
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