Plough a farming equipment

Ploughs are the most fundamental farming tools for preparing the toughest and hardest soils for sowing. A plough is designed to work in various types of soil to perform various tasks such as soil breaking, elevating, and inversion. Most of the plough uses steel bottoms with points to make it ideal for the toughest ploughing job. A plough is a very common farming equipment with one or more blades attached in a frame that is pulled over the soil to turn it over and cut furrows for seed planting. The plough manufactured by Fieldking is designed to work in all types of soil, for soil breaking, soil raising and soil turning. This plough is built with special wear-resistant steel blade that consists bar points for toughest ploughing jobs and can be extended till the last possible length. Adding an extra furrow or repositioning units to allow for extra clearance is quick and easy.
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