Best Ayurvedic Doctor Online Consultation - Naitri Clinic

Date1/20/2022 4:03:05 PM
Naitri Clinic - Treat diseases not just the symptoms at root level. Naitri brings to you experienced and specialized BAMS/BUMS doctors for online consultation.
A trusted online service by the Naitri clinics, just one click away!
Bringing the benefits of Naitri Clinic, a whole new concept of a platform where you get all the Ayurvedic and Unani doctors, consultation, treatment and medications from within the comfort of your home.
Get an enhanced online consultation, without even visiting the clinic, though chat, phone or video call maintaining the totally confidential between you and us to ensure your privacy.
In Naitri, we are determined to treat people permanently and not just to provide temporary relief for their symptoms.
For this, we target the root cause of the disease and treat your “doshas”. We have a specialized and qualified team of Ayurvedic and Unani medical practitioners having experience of many years in treatment of different ailments using their tested and approved Herbal medicine. The treatment
stops the recurring symptoms from coming back by addressing the root cause.
Get a customized treatment and medication from our qualified doctors.
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