How to Call Nepal from USA

Date1/21/2022 1:09:00 PM
PriceUSD 25.00
There are a variety of ways to Call Nepal from Canada: use your landline or mobile phone, or pick up an international calling card from your local convenience store. Call Nepal for cheap prices and good quality. Pay much less on your bills by using Amantel calling cards.
Calling Nepal from the United States explained:
• 011 - US exit code; dial first for international calls made from the USA or Canada
• 977 - Country Code for Nepal
• Phone Number
Fixed - 8 digits, area code included
Cell phones - 10 digits
To get Amantel for your international phone number follow steps:
Step 1: Go to www.amantel
Step 2: Enter the phone number you will be calling from.
Step 3: Type in the international phone number you want to call starting at 011
Step 4: Enter the name of the contact
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