How do I combine multiple photos into one?

Step-by-step instructions on how to mix images in Photoshop

1. Open a couple of images you would like to combine. I'm using images that have transparent backgrounds. If your images have backgrounds that are white or with coloured backgrounds, remove the background. Background removal can be a lengthy procedure in Photoshop therefore I'd recommend outsourcing the task to someone through Fiverr or Upwork. Typically, it costs around $1 or 2 for each image.
2. Open file > New and create a brand new file. In the menu, type in your dimensions for the dimensions of the image you require.
3. Use the tool move to add individual images to the new file you've created.
4. Select the layer for each image and then move them around by using the tool for moving.
5. Once you have found the arrangement that you like, save it as a PSD file to ensure you can edit the arrangement later on if you want to.
6. Save the image as a jpg so that you can upload it to your website or social channels
7. (Optional)
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