5 Different types of rap beats

Hip-Hop started around 40 years ago. Ever since rap has been diversified into innumerable subgenres and styles.

Presently, every hip-hop and rap subgenre sounds pole apart, even though they belong to the same core tenants of rhyme and beat.

From the beginning days of underground New York hip-hop to the twisted sound of UK Drill, the only constant is the change, especially with technology development.

In this article, we’ll briefly explore 5 different genres so you know what’s out there to see in-depth.

Here are 5 rap styles that stick out to us.
Let’s kickstart at the most evident place, i.e. old, school hip-hop. Old school hip-hop encircles from the late and mid-70s to late 80s. There are some significant subgenres within the same old school canon. Old-school hip-hop is identified by initial samples, turntablism, and easy rhyme schemes.

You’ll hear the most likely use of the duple meter. The use of triplets was avoided in those days. As we know, New York gave birth to old school hip-hop, so, naturally, NewYork will be a place from where most artists hailed.

Some artists for their rap beats are Sugar Hill Gang, Tupac, Slick Rick.

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