Simplify your Mutual Funds Investment with Shootih

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Date1/24/2022 1:46:35 PM
Mutual fund investments are constantly growing in India and the market is flooded with different options when it comes to investments in mutual funds
Maintaining a mutual funds portfolio, staying updated, and investing in the right portfolios can be a bit of a task for small and medium-sized businesses with limited bandwidth. Therefore, Shootih has come up with an amazing solution for businesses that are looking for mutual funds investment but can’t manage everything by themselves.
Shootih is a wealth management and mutual fund investment platform for corporates that gives suggestions about how businesses can invest their idle cash with the help of mutual funds. With Shootih, businesses can;
Easily invest their idle cash in mutual funds with just one click
Get AI-based recommendations and timely notifications for investing in the right mutual fund portfolios
Diversify their portfolio through contingency funds, liquid funds, growth funds, etc.
Get recommendations about both long and short-term investments.
Shootih is the best mutual fund investment platform for corporates that are looking to invest their capital easily yet efficiently. It’s an intuitive and effective platform created to work with the unique requirements of businesses. Shootih also provides you AI-based recommendations to help you invest your idle cash in the right mutual funds’ opportunities.
So what are you waiting for? Check out Shootih’s website and start your investment journey now!
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