Project Aahaar and Om Sharma – Changing the world

Date1/24/2022 2:08:47 PM
In today’s world, the importance of nutrition is rising more than ever. With the prevalence of the pandemic, everyone must eat right to create robust immune systems and maintain good health. However, what about the underprivileged who are malnourished? In India, 189 million individuals suffer from undernutrition. In fact, in the 2019 Global Hunger Index, India ranked 102 out of 119 qualifying countries. Om Sharma, a grade 12 student from a school in Bangalore, has worked tirelessly over his high school years to combat the problem of malnutrition.
He started Project Aahaar in 2018 to raise awareness about malnutrition and teach disadvantaged children the right foods they should be eating.
Since then, the ambitious teenager has grown his initiative out to three countries and currently leads a team of over one hundred volunteers. He has already managed to reach 10,000 individuals, and by forming partnerships, his program will reach 300,000 children by the end of 2022.
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