Welcome to the SCE Detailing Group Inc.

Date2/11/2022 8:34:28 PM
Our team comprises a talented group of experienced detailers & engineers. Not only can we create high quality structural steel drawings, but we also provide assessments and suggestions out of a genuine desire to do the best job possible for our clients.

SCE Detailing Group Inc. makes use of some of the latest software, including Tekla detailing 3D BIM Modeling. BIM (Building Information Modeling Software) is a way to perform structural steel drafting with extreme accuracy and usability. We live in a three dimensional world, so it only makes sense that we’d design our buildings in three dimensional environments.

The steel and rebar detail drawings you will receive from SCE Detailing Group Inc. are where we really get to show off what we can do. It is our mission to get these accurate drawings to you in a timely manner so that you can understand and work with a well-coordinated design.

Feel free to browse our website for numerous examples of past projects, current work and typical drafts and drawings. You can also find assistance and a form for your questions and comments there.

At SCE Detailing Group Inc., we promise to deliver the best structural steel and rebar design services to you and your company. From 3D modeling services to miscellaneous steel and rebar detailing, our professional engineers and architects are ready to work for you. Expect nothing but the best, and leave the rest to us.
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