Passive Income with Monthly Dividend Stocks

I’ve spent countless hours searching for stocks that pay every month also known as Monthly Dividend Stocks. It’s nice to buy a stock once and see it grow every 30 days without having to do anything else. The money the stocks make every month gets reinvested back into that stock which buys more stock if you choose the DRIP which gets automatically reinvested buying more of that stock or some people use the dividends as a monthly income. Your choice! I have to brag on Robinhood they make it simple to learn everything about investing great platform for beginners. If you would like to use Robinhood app click the referral link gets both you and I a free stock just for joining.
Now I’m going to give you a preview of my list with has 24 monthly dividends stocks allowing you to see that I’ve done the research and you can see for yourself that these pays consistently every 30 days.
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