Live Long & Prosper Chiropractic LLC

Date2/18/2022 9:13:22 PM
(253) 850-2225(253) 850-2225
When the body's communication system is improperly functioning, it creates an imbalance within our bodies. Chiropractors can help restore that proper alignment and quell pain caused by aches and pains. Live Long & Prosper Chiropractic LLC’s chiropractic care helps maintain your muscles to avoid losing strength after extended periods. We provide tools such as a foam roller, massage therapist, light therapy, and yoga to help not just the local area but the entire body work together to return you to your healthy efficient self.If you need Auburn chiropractic service that is focused on your health and providing the highest level of care, call us today. We understand how busy and stressful life can be. Therefore, we take the initiative to be proactive in all activities, including showing up to appointments on time and following through with all instructions.

Address- 514 Auburn Way N, Auburn, WA, 98002
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