BBM Construction Ltd

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A small family run, passionate building company. We have a passion for restoring villas and bungalows. We strive to produce a top job and top level finish, and keep the original look of the home. We work in the central auckland region and one of our unique qualities, is that the Director, Matt, will run the operation from start to finish, including the quoting process, project management and the actual work itself. As the business grows, Matt's main goal is to bring on high level, ethical, experienced builders and project managers, who will deliver a similar experience to dealing with Matt himself. Matt grew up in Dargaville and left in 6th form and learnt his craft at Trade school In whangarei. matt did his apprenticeship on the North shore, working on projects from factories to high end housing. Matt worked there for 10 years, then moved into installing door hardware. Matt then moved into working as a site manager for 6 years, working for a Devonport based firm on restoring Devonport villas. THis is where he found his love of working in this niche. He then started BBM construction as he had found his passion. Matt's brother moved down from up North in 2011 to start the business together, and BBM Construction has now been running for 10 years.
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