Should I Use A Sauna Before Or After Exercise?

Date2/9/2022 8:36:42 AM
Many of our home sauna customers are purchasing their sauna to add on to a home gym. Given this, many customers inquire whether it would be more beneficial to have their home sauna session before or after their workout. Read this post to see if using the sauna before or after working out.
The Case for Using a Sauna before a Workout The fact that a case can be made for using a Jacuzzi home sauna before a workout may come as a surprise to some people. It actually seems rationale when explained. When working out, many people jump right into their workout session without performing a proper warmup routine. In order to begin a workout, your muscles should be fully active. That you have broken a sweat, and performed 3-5 complete warmup sets before jumping into your workout.
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