Best VSCode Extensions You Should Consider In 2022

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Why VSCode is so popular among developers.
> Easy To Use
VSCode is one of the easiest text-editors out there. you can just download, install, launch and you are ready to get all features available to you with little to no initial setup or settings. Even it’s interface is also very beginner friendly.
> Intellisense
Another great feature of VSCode is intellisense, intellisense is basically a feature that is used for auto code competition, quick info, code hinting and content assist.
VSCode provides intellisense for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, SASS, LESS and TypeScript. For other languages you can still use intellisense by installing their respective extensions.
> Speed
What happens with other text editors and IDE’s is that they become slower as you install more plugins or extensions or addon’s, but that’s not the case with VSCode. VSCode still runs faster, even with 15 or more plugins.
Even VSCode loads up very fast and installing extensions are also quite fast compared to other editors.
> Ecosystem
One major upside VSCode has over other editors is it’s large extension and theme ecosystem, you can install extensions for almost all the popular programming languages. This is one of the reason behind the massive growth of VSCode.
It supports Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, TypeScript, C++, Java, PHP, Go, C#, SQL, Ruby, Objective-C and munch more.
> Built-In Git
Unlike other text editors visual studio code goes one step further by providing a complete git integration making programmers to see changes quickly without leaving the editor, you can initialize the git and can perform several git commands like push, pull and others.
Additionally VSCode also works with several Git repositories whether be it local or remote.
> Cross Platform
It’s free, open source and cross-platform editor which works on all three major operating systems i.e Windows, MacOSX and Linux.
You can see that it is available for many different developers despite being free, feature-rich, extensible and fast.
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