Chadar Trek

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Date2/16/2022 8:03:08 AM
PriceUSD 17,999.00
The Chadar Trek adventure begins at Leh, at an altitude of 11,400 ft. To call it adventure trekking is an understatement. It is an experience of a lifetime. During the winters, the Zanskar river in Ladakh freezes over, a thick sheet of ice covering it completely. Hence, the name ‘Chadar’ or blanket. The most interesting thing to note about the Chadar is that there is a new one every day! The Chadar forms during the night melt during the day, and reforms during the night! The unparalleled experience of the Chadar Trek includes trekking on the frozen Zanskar river, an event that will remain forever etched in your memory. Ladakh, located amidst the majestic Karakoram range and the mighty Himalayan range, presents to the world this great trekking opportunity that only the brave and the strong can undertake. This frozen river trekking opportunity makes Ladakh all the more special.

The Chadar Trek or the frozen river trek is different in the slow gain that it takes in altitude, spread evenly throughout, and takes you to a maximum height of 11,800 ft, deep in the Himalayas! The experience starts at Leh, crosses the frozen Zanskar, and reaches the Ladakh town of Chilling, the actual starting point of the trek from where the frozen river trek starts. The total distance covered during the Chadar trek is a 62 km, spread evenly throughout the 6 days of the trek that you undertake on foot. The Chadar trek is only open in the months of January and February, as these are the only times when the emerald, flowing Zanskar river is frozen enough to enable trekking on it.
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