Shop Suitable Porcelain Tiles for Your Home

Date2/22/2022 2:57:58 PM
PriceUSD 90.00
When it comes to durability, Porcelain Tile is king. It virtually always receives a surface glazing treatment—a coating of liquified glass material--while some forms of ceramic are left unglazed and less prone for water infiltration with their natural qualities intact; however, this also means that they're not as strong or durable against stains than their counterparts who have been fired at higher temperatures (2,200-2500) degrees Fahrenheit.
Porosity can be attributed both ways between these different types but generally speaking, most will possess higher.
When porcelain tile is fired, it undergoes a process that makes the material more durable than ceramic. Porcelain tiles are often left unglazed because their surface dulls easily and they cannot maintain their original color under heavy traffic or exposure to water sources like kitchens where food spills all too frequently onto these surfaces.
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