3m Cogent uid Aadhar Kit

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Date2/22/2022 2:55:07 PM
Buy 3M Cogent UID Aadhar Kit at the best market price. Best livescan solution device and user friendly that captures rolled and flat fingerprints.
Fingerprint image quality is very high. Image editing functions are available to ensure that capturing image quality is high. Eye color, hair color, sex information details are available in drop down menu . 3M Cogent UID Aadhar Kit Contains Fingerprint Scanner and Iris Scanner. Operating system guides how to operate the system. Logitech Webcamera is also available in very genuine price. It’s a wall mount and hand handeled device.
High speed working process and error less operations. CS500e Fingerprint Scanner and CIS 202e dual Iris Scanner are very easy to use. Memory capicity is 128 MB AND Scan speed 0-100 scan/ Sec. New and Old both type of device is available.
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