Gulmeher Phulwa Natural Holi Color (Pack of 4)

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Date2/24/2022 7:23:36 AM
PriceRs 350.00
What’s in the pack?
This consists of 4 packs of Gulmeher Phulwa Natural Holi Color(75 gms each) of Narangi, Hara, Peela and Gulabi packed in a paper pouch.
Why choose this product?
Gulmeher is a women’s collective of waste pickers turned artisans, situated in the slum colony of Ghazipur, East Delhi. Apart from the collective creating livelihood opportunities for women, these natural and environmentally friendly colors are handmade with flowers and vegetables and contain no chemicals.
Key Ingredients :
- Natkhat Narangi: Turmeric, Marigold, Neem Leaves, and natural fragrance of Orange Peel
- Komal Hara: Green vegetables, Neem leaves and natural fragrance of Cardamom
- Chamkeela Peela: Turmeric, Marigold, Neem leaves and natural fragrance of lemon peel
- Manmohak Gulabi: Beetroot, Rose Petals, Neem Leaves and natural fragrance of rose
Key Benefits
- Benefits the collective of erstwhile waste pickers and disadvantaged women
- Handmade using vegetables and flowers
- Washable, easy to remove from skin, hair & fabrics
- Chemical-free
- Skin-loving
- Eco-conscious packaging
- Institute for Industrial Research and Toxicology (IIRT) certified
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