Goddess Kali Brass Statues

Date3/3/2022 12:43:39 PM
PriceUSD 115.00
Hindu religion is a massive expanse spanning countless sects, traditions, and cultures. While some are just nice and elegant, some go beyond the societal norms to realise their spiritual quest. In her essence, Kali is the divine protector of her devotees, protecting them from the forces of evil, and bestows her grace upon those who open their hearts to her. This brass statue depicts kali in her fierce form with the traces of Tantra clearly visible in her appearance. With her left leg placed on the chest of Lord Shiva, she looks fearless and vibrant with the energy she possesses. Holding various weapons in her hand, she has declared an open war against the forces of evil. She is also holding a human skull in her hand, symbolizing her as the demolisher of ego, the biggest step towards liberation. The garland of skulls that she is wearing adds to her fearsome look. Though she is clad in bare clothes and minimum jewelry, her crown is glowing with its grandeur and immensity, sporting a brilliant work of delicate carvings.
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