Why should I complete a DUI Evaluation?

To abide by the law - Some states have established obligatory DUI evaluation laws, requiring convicted DUI offenders to assess their alcohol misuse problems. As a result, a judge or court officer may order a DUI evaluation as a legal requirement. The purpose of an assessment is to determine your drug or alcohol usage level and propose treatment to prevent future substance abuse or DUIs.
DUI evaluations may result in reduced fines – In general, getting a DUI assessment and starting the prescribed treatment before your trial date is in your best interest. Although your participation in a DUI assessment will not affect your arrest record, it may help you receive a less severe consequence. For example, alcohol education programs can often substitute, lessen, or remove harsher DUI penalties like court fines, license suspension, and jail time in drunk-driving instances.
DUI evaluations can assist you in determining your addiction risk – If you've been charged with a DUI, the courts will take the assessment's final recommendations into account when choosing your sentence. It would be best if you did the same. Suppose you are open and honest with the evaluator. In that case, you will receive an evaluation that accurately reflects your situation and can help you determine whether you have a drug or alcohol addiction. This knowledge can also assist you in beginning your medical, mental, and emotional rehabilitation from problem drinking or drug use.
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