Liquid Eductor - Crystal Tcs

Date3/30/2022 5:36:38 PM
Crystal TCS Pvt. Ltd. has committed itself to continuous efforts for technological excellence and has focused on providing quality products and Liquid Eductor services. Liquid eductor / jet pump eliminates the use of slurry mixing tanks, reduces power consumption and reduces footprint on the floor. The resulting slurry can be transferred horizontally and vertically with a few pounds of pressure at the injection point at the end of the process.
Liquid ejector enables the lifting, lowering, and pumping of low pressure fluids using high pressure intended fluids. The high-pressure objective fluid enters the teacher's objective orbit through the convection motive nozzle. In the injector nozzle, the pressure energy of the motive liquid eductor is converted into a high velocity jet. The motion contained in the motive liquid is transferred to the suction liquid enabling LIFT, penetration and mixing.
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