Date3/16/2022 10:24:26 AM
Importance of mirrors in modern interior designing is irreplaceable. Right use of it can highlight the size of a room, reflect sufficient light, add a focal point to a given space or even enhance the beauty of a place. Whatever be your reason to choose mirrors, Bassett Mirror Company is the best choice. It is a brand trusted by top designers, bringing into the market, a modern collection of mirrors that cannot be found elsewhere.

Since 1902, the company has been producing a vast range of home décor and furniture items, apart from its exclusive mirror stocks. All Bassett Mirror Company products are available at GWG Outlet, its most trusted dealers. Their very popular gamuts of furniture are titled – Bohemian Spirit, Designer Glam, Farmhouse Chic, Metro Modern, Savoir Faire and Tradewinds. The company assures a limited warranty of 12-months for all its products. Free delivery and set up is assured by the company at no additional cost.
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