Recover From Elbow, Wrist, or Hand Pain and Regain Function

(509) 732-9276(509) 732-9276
Do you suffer an injury in your hand? We can help you with the appropriate treatments and promote relief. At Total Motion Physical Therapy in College Place, WA, we offer non-invasive therapeutic techniques to address your injury and speed up healing. Pain in the elbow, wrist, or hand can result from nerve injuries, fractures, tendonitis, or strains or sprains, which could lead to severe disabilities and limit your ability to perform everyday activities. Our certified and expert practitioners diagnose your injury, what caused it, ask for symptoms, and pain intensity levels to come up with an individualized treatment program. Our approaches for elbow, wrist, or hand pain may include pain-relieving modalities, exercises, stretches, and manual therapy to minimize pain, restore range of motion, improve circulation, and regain normal function. Our treatments have reduced the need for expensive surgeries in several patients. If you are willing to receive physical therapy for your ailments, call us at (509) 732-9276 or visit for more information.

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