#01 Georgia Family Violence Intervention Program

When you join an FVIP program, you need to make certain that it's miles completely accredited. You have to sign up for an FVIP program licensed through your state's Commission on Family Violence. This is a governmental and state-appointed association. This program makes use of an evidence-primarily based totally curriculum to cope with the important thing traits of energy and manage that make contributions to violent relationships and families.
By presenting psychoeducation, accountability, and healthful alternatives, the Family Violence Intervention Program can cope with an individual's damaging conduct and ideals related to violence, abuse, energy, and manage over the years and with regular efforts. By addressing the offenders' behavior and presenting nonviolent alternatives that foster secure and sound relationships, this system strives to grow the protection of gift and destiny victims. They also are taught a way to use non-threatening behaviors, words, and gestures to a good deal and be honest with their partners.
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