Benefits of DUI Evaluation Marietta 30067

Even though it appears that an evaluation may land you in a situation with more significant problems by being open and honest, this is not the case. It's not only the beginning of what may be a recovery therapy procedure, but it could also help you legally. Preemptively completing a DUI Evaluation Atlanta may demonstrate your willingness to comply. The evaluator may recommend counseling, classes, or courses to assist you and your case in the future.

The judge will make a decision on your case when the drug and alcohol assessment has been completed and analyzed. Their conclusions and the evaluators' findings will determine if any of the following actions will be necessary for your betterment and as an alternative to jail time:

12-step/AA/NA meetings or group therapy sessions

Substance abuse education classes

Counseling sessions

Rehabilitation program ( inpatient or outpatient)

Random drug and alcohol urine testing

Participating in a DUI Alcohol or Drug Use
Risk Reduction Program (RRP)
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