Nelson's Drywall and Painting

Date3/18/2022 4:12:40 PM
(360) 223-1163(360) 223-1163

Although Nelson’s Drywall and Painting has recently been opened, the business had been opened 25+ years ago with experienced quality work and professionalism. We have recently reopened here in Whatcom County. Our goal is to be one of the top local drywall and painting contractors in Whatcom County by having the utmost concern for craftsmanship, quality and respect for our customers and their needs.
Our team is highly skilled in all areas of drywall installation, drywall finish work, painting, custom drywall design and fabrication and execution on projects large and small. We specialize in drywall installation and finishing, providing one-stop drywall and painting services and even extending to custom texturing, wall patching, remodels and new construction.· Drywall work/preparation for finalizing completion of project.

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