Saved by grace

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Are you wanting a fresh start? Would you like an opportunity to be restored back to Jesus as well as your family and friends? Hello we are a nine month faith based rehabilitation program for individuals suffering from gang violence, homelessness, drug addiction, alcoholism, prostitution and any other hinderance keeping people separated from their families. We are an in patient program. We are drug free as well as smoke free no nicotine. We have men’s homes, women’s homes, and upon completing the program married couples are susceptible to housing together. Strengthen your marriage with a faithful walk today! Most importantly the program is absolutely free! No matter where you’re located we will send you a bus ticket to come an join our family today right now so don’t miss your opportunity call us today and find out how you can become apart of Saved by Grace restoration ministries!
Oklahoma saved by Grace
Restoration ministries
1700 nw 7th St.
Oklahoma City, ok 73106
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