Liquid Vacuum Pump - Crystal Tcs

Date4/6/2022 2:42:04 PM
Crystal TCS is a leading manufacturer and supplier of specialized liquid vacuum pumps. Rotating a liquid vacuum pump is used as a positive displacement vacuum pump but it can also be used as a gas compressor for gas atmospheric pressure. Provide water sealing while acting as compressing media in the pumping chamber. Vacuum pumps are classified according to their operating pressure range and accordingly classified as primary pump, booster pump or secondary pump.Each pressure range has several different pump types; Each uses a different technology and each has specific advantages in terms of pressure capacity, flow rate, cost and maintenance requirements.
The maximum achievable vacuum sealing temperature and vapor pressure on the vapor by the liquid vacuum pump or the maximum achievable vacuum depends on the vapor pressure of the target liquid, while the maximum discharge pressure depends on the intended liquid pressure and combination.
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