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Date4/8/2022 10:35:11 AM
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If you are open to the idea of counseling, then it can be beneficial for you. The time spent between client and therapist aids a person's ability to heal.

Therapy can reduce stress and anxiety and help relieve depression. It is helpful to be able to talk to someone you trust." Therapy can add depth to life's journey when you take the time out of a busy schedule to go inward and reflect and be with yourself. That in itself can be healing.

The biggest benefit I got from therapy was uncovering my unconscious, then being aware and taking responsibility for my life." Therapy is the light peering down into the darkness. You can never be sure what might be revealed.

Therapy can be exciting as well as it can be very challenging. If your inner life is causing you pain, if you are having a hard time making healthy choices, whether it be your relationships, jobs or roommates, therapy can be helpful for looking at the root causes of your distress.

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